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allice & rose-a dream come true

The idea of owning something of my own has been brewing in my mind for years. I never quite knew what I was, until I just went for it. With a background in merchandising & marketing, I finally decided to launch my own store, allice and rose.
Allice and rose is a brand inspired by my passion to create and design in my own way. I've always wanted people to find a brand that checks all of their boxes. A one stop shop for accessories, jewelry, home decor, and gifts.
allice and rose is a lifestyle that inspires people to believe in themselves, to have fun, and to just go for it. From owning small victories, to huge milestones, allice and rose wants you to celebrate it all. Whether you are looking for new coffee table decor, or the perfect hoop earrings, we have it all.
May this hand picked collection bring out your own personal style and life mantras.I am are so happy your here and can't wait for you to shop with us!
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